Study Guides

Key Concepts listed below can be used as Study Guides to explore Biochemistry in more detail and are based on Chapter Summaries included in Biochemistry (2021).

Chapter 1: Principles of Biochemistry

Chapter 2: Physical Biochemistry

Chapter 3: Nucleic Acid Structure

Chapter 4: Protein Structure

Chapter 5: Biochemistry Methods

Chapter 6: Protein Function

Chapter 7: Enzyme Mechanisms

Chapter 8: Cell Signaling Systems

Chapter 9: The Glycolytic Pathway

Chapter 10: The Citrate Cycle

Chapter 11: Oxidative Phosphorylation

Chapter 12: Photosynthesis

Chapter 13: Carbohydrate Structure

Chapter 14: Carbohydrate Metabolism

Chapter 15: Lipid Structure and Function

Chapter 16: Lipid Metabolism

Chapter 17: Amino Acid Metabolism

Chapter 18: Nucleotide Metabolism

Chapter 19: Metabolic Integration

Chapter 20: DNA Metabolism

Chapter 21: RNA Metabolism

Chapter 22: Protein Synthesis

Chapter 23: Gene Regulation

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