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I teach two biochemistry courses at the University of Arizona in fully online and hybrid (flipped classroom) modalities. One course is Foundations in Biochemistry (BIOC 384) and the other Metabolic Biochemistry (BIOC 385). If you are looking for an accredited 3 unit Online Biochemistry course from a top tier university that you can use to meet admissions requirements for professional school admissions or for transfer credit, you should consider enrolling as a non-degree seeking online UArizona student in the Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer sessions.

The lecture topic lists for the BIOC 384/385 courses are linked below. Each course can be taken independently in any order (BIOC 384 is not the prerequisite for BIOC 385). Most students take BIOC 384 as a one semester introductory biochemistry course to meet degree requirements, whereas pre-med students often take both courses and earn a minor in biochemistry.

BIOC 384 “Foundations in Biochemistry”

BIOC 385 “Metabolic Biochemistry”

A stand-alone one semester course in “Fundamental Biochemistry” would include the following topics and chapter content:

Suggested Topic List – One Semester Biochemistry Course

Below are links to representative Lecture Videos that I use in my biochemistry classes. These videos were produced in the UArizona production studios in Summer 2020 and are in the public domain so anyone can view them. If a video doesn’t load on a phone and you get an error message, just reload the page on a computer.

BIOC 384 – Representative Lecture Videos

Organization of Protein Structure
Oxygen Binding to Hemoglobin
Allosteric Regulation of Hemoglobin
Mechanisms of Enzyme Kinetics
Glycolytic Pathway

BIOC 385 – Representative Lecture Videos

Carbon Fixation Reactions
Fatty Acid Oxidation
Fatty Acid Synthesis
DNA Repair Mechanisms
Lac Operon Regulation

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